maandag 21 juni 2010

Season's start

First of all;
A big huge thanks to all the guys that make it happen
Above you find Vic, polishing the Bel-Air, making sure it's spotless
If you don't know Vic, check out his business, polishing and detaling cars;

Mike-H's carhauler, who takes care of the transport of the Bel-Air

Came over from Germany, one super-relaxed guy with a lot of knowledge and expierence when it comes to dragracing, almost a walking library

Arnie, my eyes around the track

Limpix, capturing the action around the Roeler's team and helping whenever he's around the paddock.
Contact this guy for killer shots, chances are he's shot you in action on the dragstrip.

Thanks guys !
And my girl for taking care of the team as a whole !

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