dinsdag 22 juni 2010

Drachten 1 2010

So, a new season has started for us and the other competitors in the Dutch Dragracing Championships.
Drachten 1 was dominated by the forces of nature, rain
The organisation was busy cleaning and drying the track most of the days, except sunday, wich was, seen overall, one of the best days regarding the weather.

So, on arrival the engine was fired up after its winter-beauty-sleep, checked and double checked.

And heating it up, checking once more.

Despite checks and fitting a new pressure gauge it did go berzerk after some qualifying runs.
The Bellio team gave us a spare, worked fine for the weekend, thanks guys !

Rain and dragracing don't mix'n match, here SSC16, Olav Swiderek almost lost control.
He was able to save his car and got away with it.
Just a few drops of rain made him lose traction and control.
Phew !

But the weekend was not overruled by bad luck, our team worked like a clock, fixing small issues and we pushed it some more to end up with a personal best of 8.331 on friday.

Shot from the rear, sunday, last run.

Food and drinks !
We probably have the coolest fridge !
Don't leave home without it.

Running hard.

heating them tires.

See ya'll on Drachten 2
9-10-11 July 2010 Drachten
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