woensdag 14 juli 2010

Drachten Internationals 2010

Heat dominated the Drachten Internationals this year.
Heat; good for grip, bad for your concentration when waiting in the line-up.
Teammember Vic is doing the airconditioning move here...

Last race was cold, lack of grip due to the cold and unpredictable track.
Not this race, grip was good wich builds confidence
Teammember Arnie directs me to the best place to get things rolling..

Distractive, waiting on the strip, in burning heat.

On Sunday, the eliminations we won the race but where kicked out of competition due to a low reaction time, will be working on that.
The car and team performed predictable, contstantly, so there's something to be found in the reaction times.
Read a full report on Autosport.NL,by Remco Scheelings;

The Engelage E-85 engine performed flawlessly, almost no adjustments where made, where some riders suffered from the lack of oxygen in the hot air, ours just did it's job.
Thomas Engelage checked from time to time, just to make sure that everything was adjusted perfect.
Having this engine build by Engelage was the best choice we made, almost no re-jetting was neccesary, where the gasoline burning engines suffered a lot from the lack of oxygen in the hot air the E-85 engine needed some minor adjustment, just minor.

Checking valve clearance after runs.
Notice the Kendall lubricant, keeps things rolling smooth inside.

Vic, checking tire temp and sometimes the track wich showed temperatures of above 60 celcius during the day.
Phew, hot...

Black race-suit, black helmet is not what you choose on a day like this, normally.

Water, keeping things cool, just like the attitude.

See ya'll on Drachten 3, The Dutch Finals in August

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