zondag 10 januari 2010

Sneak preview

Just an artistic view of "The Roelers" new doorslammer, pictures taken at our shop by Limpix

The car is based on a 1937 Chevrolet buisines coupé,
build by competition cars Sweden, loaded with only the good stuff.
During the years Andy Robinson Race Cars has taken care
of all the required chassis updates, wich makes this car "Killah".

We made a deal with the K&H racing team by taking over the Coupé.
Marck Meijhuizen, the previous owner of the Coupé did a 6.18 @ 234 Mph on the quarter mile, by this he made the car one of the fastes '37 Coupés of the Planet.

Our goal is to get the car race ready for the season 2011
to compete in the Superpro/ET class.

At the moment we are busy finishing our tourbus, and browsing for
a new blown injected motor and a new transmission.

To make this all happen, we unfortunately might be forced
to sell our '55 belair.
For more info about "The Champ"drop a mail to info@theroeler.com

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