vrijdag 28 augustus 2009

ONK Champion !

We just finished reading the final results from the season as a whole.
In the ONK Clubchampionships 2009 we ended on the first place.
All made possible to the great help of our sponsors and our team.
Great ! We cannot say how gratefull we are for the help we got this season but lets start off with the words "Thank You !"
A big motivation to spice things up, and to perform even better in the next season !
Some statistics;
182 points overall won by qualifying and eliminating during the championship
Best 60 feet time 1.197 seconds
Best 1/eight mile time 5.315 seconds
Best 1/eight mile speed 209.481 km/u
Best quartermile time 8.344 seconds
Best quartermilespeed 261.311 km/u
Small sidenote;
The second racing event during 10-12 july just added points for qualifying, no eliminations where held due to bad weather conditions
download the full ONK Clubchampionships results and statistics here
Or read a full report on autosport.nl

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