maandag 24 augustus 2009

Drachten, The Finals

warming up the BelAir
Our dragrace competition was great !

The first race (Drachten 1) surprised us by the performance of our new car, the second races where kind of disappointing due to the weather conditions so we where anxious to run the BelAir in the finals.

Victor, checking and double checking during warm up

Heating tires and laying down rubber

Arnie, guiding me back to the pre-stage area after heating up the tires
Launching and leaving hard

Sun and heat improved the track gradually but facing the sun at the start makes it difficult to see the tree, especially when it hits you straight on

Pulling a chute to slow things down, helps to come to a complete stop after reaching a maximum speed of 261 kilometers per hour

Therefore i only trust 1 man to fold my chutes

Rolling burnout
BelAir, cooling down and posing some at the end of the runway

So, our active racing season has ended for this year.

Due to redlighting in the eliminations i blew my chances to an overall win in the Dutch Dragracing Competition, i was close, real close but coming this far with the new car has made me and the rest of the team very anxious for the next season.

Reflecting back, the results are plain good, nothing more, nothing less, the car feels great and performs predictable, the results are becoming more and more predictable wich is exactly what you need racing the ET class.

For the rest of this year we`ll be working behind the scenes to fine tune what needs to be fine tuned, working on our tour-bus and preparing for the next season.

And hey, we might even appear on a local car or speed-show so stay tuned, we`ll keep you informed !

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