zaterdag 24 september 2011

Season 2011

Our 2011 dragracing season was pretty much dominated by the weathergods.
Someone must have made a bad comment since rain fel down in serious amounts during the whole season, even the last day of the season, The Dutch Finals was cancelled due to bad weather.

But.. during the hours we could start up our BelAir we did good, very good!
During Drachten 1 we encountered some problems with the car to get it performing consistant, that combined with the bad weather and not enough runs we ended up qualifying 8th.
Rain was the reason that there no eliminations held during Drachten 1.

At Drachten 2 we found the right set-up and the flow, we ran from 5th and 3th place to second place, a small crack in the transmission and -yes- more rain we stopped racing.

The transmission was repaired, due to the effort of Thomas Engelage to be perfectly fit for the Finals (Drachten 3).
Again bad weather, so every run we could make was important.
On Saturday we had a wild, wild run, the car almost hit the guardrail but Roel, the driver was able to keep in in and on track, thank you very much..
Wich set us back to the 20th qualifying place.
The track was not at its best at that moment, again more rain to pause the eliminations.
When the sun showed up and racing resumed we wisely choose the best lane, in our case the right lane wich resulted in a very good run wich propelled us to the top-qualifying position, an 8,55 run that is..

So, with the status of topqualifier we where anxiuos to race on Sunday the last day of the Dutch Finals- weather was good in the morning, after an impressive tribute on the strip to John Geytenbeek we where ready.
Everybody was ready!
So were the weathergods who send in some heavy rain, it didn't stop anymore, despite the organisation's effort of drying the track inbetween showers non-stop rain was a legitimate reason for the organisation to call off all races.

Nevertheless, we ended up first place overall.
Once more we head towards a new season with the status of Dutch ONK champion in the SuperPro E/T class.

A big huge thank you to our sponsors and everyone who visited the races !

See you all next season!

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