maandag 27 september 2010

Eurodrag, september 2010

We attended the newly organised event in Belgium last weekend.
Impressed by the potential of the location, an airstrip with lots of potential for a great racing-event, great paddock area and best of all;a return road wich, during a event could result in many runs for all competitors.

spacious paddock-area

We pulled off three runs on saturday (no pics, sorry, our photographer was busy shooting pretty girls), on sunday the rain kept us from even starting the car,too bad, but hey, even we cannot fight the weather-gods.

On sunday we witnessed a jetcar, doing a demo run with a passenger, impressive stuff!

Rain or shine, competing or watching, it's always good fun at the roeler's-team

New banner from our latest sponsor

and a new logo on the racecar

Organisation of eurodrag did their best, prepping the track, laying down rubber and spraying gallons of track-bite to get the desired grip on this new track wich could become a real good one over time.
We where proud to be there !

Small teaser by Belgian's KetNet

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