zondag 12 juli 2009

Drachten 2009 Pt.2

Drachten Dragraces, 10-12 july, Part 2
Small report on saturday 11
Nothing to test, run or qualify on friday due to heavy rainfall, yet a good atmosphere in the paddock and our shelter, prepping,benchracing, socializing and bbq-ing, rainy days can be filled worse.

Around 11.00 on saturday the skies cleared and racing somehow started,SuperPro ET started around 13.15.
Redlighted my first pass, made a 8.67 run, popped the chutes

After pass 1, on the background John Gerritsen`s BelAir who upgraded from Pro E/T to SuperPro E/T

Second pass, redlighted again after a long rolling burnout

Made a nice and clean second run despite the red light

Minutes away from a hefty adrenalin rush

Arnie, my eyes before the start, i totally depend on him, directs me to the perfect starting position, does the final second checks and works me towards pre-staging.

Third and last pass on Saturday
Got past that redlighting thing, did a 8.61 run with an 255 Km/u

During tirth pass.
See you all on Drachten 3, 21-23 august 2009

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